Russ Currie

VP of Enterprise Strategy

As VP of Enterprise Strategy, Russ is responsible for working with enterprise customers, partners, and field personnel to ensure that NETSCOUT’s products and solutions are meeting the needs of our customers and the market. He has more than 15 years working at NETSCOUT, where he has held many technical and marketing roles. Prior to joining NETSCOUT, he had worked in IT managing networks for Fidelity Investments and Digital Equipment Corporation, where he installed some of the first production Ethernet networks.


Digital Transformation is forcing us to re-think and radically transform our infrastructure, processes, and organization, while protecting against the resulting rise in the risk of disruptions and cyber threats. As a result, we have created digital islands, resulting in a loss of end-to-end visibility and control. In this session, we will demonstrate how NETSCOUT can ensure that performance and security visibility can be maintained throughout cloud, virtual, and legacy environments.