Marlin McFate

Federal CTO
Riverbed Technology

Marlin McFate serves as Federal CTO at Riverbed Technology. Prior to his current role, he was a Technical Director for the Advanced Technology Group in the Office of the CTO for Riverbed Technology, responsible for being a subjectmatter and industry expert to Riverbed’s largest and most complex customers. Prior to joining Riverbed, Marlin worked at Circadece for seven years, ending as the Systems Engineering Manager, where he led the WAN optimization systems engineering teams for both commercial and government business units. Through his career, Marlin has also worked as a Systems Engineer and Software Engineer for public sector customers ranging across the civilian agencies, the IC, and the Department of Defense. Prior to working in the technology field, he served as a Fire Direction Control Specialist for the United States Army. He brings 20 years of engineering and management experience and holds a bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering.


In the world of digital transformation where network and application delivery revolve around the human experience, teams responsible for the implementation are challenged with multiple decision points when moving to the cloud. What is the best way to manage this from the perspective of the end-user experience? Do you have a comprehensive workflow for moving to the cloud? Do you understand where you will have capacity issues? How do you determine what application performance will be prior to making the move? This presentation shows how you can easily navigate visibility solutions so you can automate the process of discovery, modeling, and evaluating all of your applications. The presentation highlights what we are learning from customers and how comprehensive tools, information, and reports can be leveraged by your organization as a safety net before you take the leap.”