Global Operations

Requirement Identification and Requisitioning

  • Analysis, evaluation, and development of requirements documents
  • Development of operational requirement documents (ORD)
  • Analysis of Alternatives (AoA)
  • Joint Capabilities, Integration, and Development System (JCIDS) and Planning, Programming, Budgeting Execution (PPBE)
  • Sourcing of new supplies and equipment
  • Support during mission execution

Operational Logistics

  • Worldwide transit / shipping / transportation / positioning support for equipment and supplies at all stages of planning, pre-deployment, deployment, mission execution, and redeployment
  • Coordinated and continual resupply provisioning during mission execution

Property Accountability

  • System of control for accountable property
  • Maintenance of records, safeguarding, and inventory control of accountable property
  • Reutilize, redistribute, or dispose of unneeded property

Transportation Logistics

  • Cleared personnel for executive transport
  • Dispatch, schedule, maintenance, and oversight of transportation services

Integrated Logistics Support

  • Reliability, engineering, supply support, manppower, training, packaging, handliing, storage, and transportation
  • Lifecycle sustainment planning and supportability Strategy
  • Logistics planning and resourcing

Lifecycle Management

  • DoD 5000 lifecycle support planning, development, implementation and management of Systems
  • Acquisition, sustainment, and disposal plan

Storage, Handling, Packaging, and Transportation

  • Procurement and receipt of property
  • Inventory, storage, maintenance, and accountability of supplies, equipment and repairables
  • Issue and transfer of equipment and supplies
  • Receipt, staging or storage, issue, and movement of fuel, lubricants, and fluids
  • Packaging and transport of supplies, equipment, munitions and ammunition, and hazardous materials
  • Vehicle and container handling and storage
  • Armory operations and ammunition technical support
  • Ammunition handling and storage
  • Weapons and equipment assembly, disassembly, and cleaning
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