Mission Resilience

Crisis Management and Response Planning

  • All Threats / All Hazards emergency action plans and response protocols
  • Situational awareness, information sharing, analysis, and liaison support
  • Operational and crisis prevention and response planning and coordination of real-world events
  • Direction / facilitation / coordination of manpower, equipment, and resources during crisis operations
  • Local, State & Federal Interagency coordination during simulated and real-world events

Training and Exercises

  • Plan, train, and participate in National Response Framework exercises for all hazards and threat events

Risk Assessment

  • Definition threats
  • Review of the magnitude of potential loss and the probability loss may occur
  • Analysis of alternatives in dynamic environments
  • Risk master plans

Critical Asset Protection Planning

  • Vulnerability and consequence assessments
  • Threat analysis and mitigation
  • Infrastructure security
  • Disaster recovery/resilience
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