Enterprise Innovation Symposium - Integration is the New Innovation

Integration is the New Innovation

Integration is the New Innovation

Integration has become the new Innovation.  Once focused on using RESTful APIs to create complex applications, integration now happens at every level of an enterprise architecture, leveraging all the global infrastructure and all the resources that are now “as-a-service”.  Understanding when and how to integrate these capabilities while balancing information assurance risks is key to success.

Welcome to the Changing World of Technology

It’s an exciting time in the world of Information Technology & Telecommunications as new products and innovation flood the market. Our CTO (Dr. Wes Kaplow) says “things are changing so quickly even if you are ahead, you are already behind.” With constant change, we all must continue to evolve and adapt as new technologies emerge by bringing inspired Information Technology professionals together in forms like this, to ensure our Government Customers and Industry Partners remain on the cusp of cutting edge information Technology and Telecommunications solutions.

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