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Contract Vehicles: SeaPort-NxG

Contract Overview:

TENICA and Associates LLC and our team members are proud to offer our engineering, technical, and programmatic support services in support of the Navy and Marine Corps and limited support to other Department of Defense (DoD), non-DoD, or Joint agencies for work that is integrally related to product areas and mission. We have compiled a diverse team prepared to provide support in six different zones across the country.

Zone 1 – Northeast
Zone 2 – National Capital
Zone 3 – Mid Atlantic
Zone 4 – Gulf Coast
Zone 6 – Southwest
Zone 7 – Northwest

Quality Assurance Program:

TENICA and Associates LLC understands the importance of having established quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC) processes in place to achieve consistent and repeatable performance, to facilitate responsive cooperation with the customer, and to provide rapid problem resolution if required. As part of our task order execution process, each task order will have a uniquely tailored Quality Control Plan (QCP) designed to meet the SeaPort-e customer’s requirements and expectations. Our experience is that impressive, complex QCPs are forgotten after contract award and only recalled after a problem occurs. The philosophy that drives our approach to quality control is to keep it simple so that it will actually be used. This enables us to institute best practices across multiple task orders resulting in realized cost savings.

The steps of our QCP are based on the very successful Six Sigma model known by the acronym DMAIC; Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control. Each term in this model represents a discrete step in our plan. Each step produces an internal product, an artifact that our Task Order Leads will keep in their quality control file. The quality control file provides a record of the quality control process that is available for inspection by the government and provides data to TENICA’s staff to facilitate continuous improvement in IDIQ contract and task order management. Our Task Order Leads are responsible for the over all development and implementation of the QCP strategy. They will receive full support from our corporate offices in the development and implementation of the quality program and strategies.

Task Orders:

CNIC/ROC Watchstander Support

Contract Details
Contract Number: N00178-19-D-8695

Period of Performance: 1 Jan 2019 to 31 Dec 2024 

Contract POCs 

Scott Gorske
Director of Business Development