Major System Acquisition Milestone Decision Authority Determination


On behalf of [government agency], I would like to extend my gratitude for the outstanding leadership and expertise demonstrated by [TENICA employee], in preparation for the [government agency] Major System Acquisition Milestone Decision Authority Determination… Her contributions greatly enabled the successful execution of [government project], which in turn will further the [government agency]’s mission goals and objectives well into FY2020. Her support and contributions specifically to the [project] Acquisition Strategy and [government agency] Risk Identification and Mitigation Plan ensured [our] ability to achieve the [project] vision.

[TENICA employee]’s thorough preparation and evaluation of the artifacts required… enabled the [government agency] representatives to review and approve [the] MS&As with greater confidence and a more complete understanding of the potential impacts and opportunities [the project] will enable. Her proficient process and acquisition knowledge have been a foundational component in the team accomplishing 18 separate required artifacts, as well as supporting a four-week Independent Program Assessment, providing sound analysis and recommendations on-time with the available resources. [TENICA employee]’s support to the [government agency] Chief Architect’s team was instrumental in the overall success of [our] MS&A approvals.

[TENICA employee] executes her duties with exceptional knowledge, skill, and professionalism. She is accountable, communicates effectively, collaborates, shares technical expertise, and delivers quality recommendations and products to the government. Her valued contributions to the [government agency] missions are deeply appreciated.


Chief Architect, [Government Agency]