First-rate Performance

I wanted to extend my sincerest appreciation for the exceptional performance of [TENICA employee]. His comprehensive background and extensive expertise have been critical to the standup of the [government agency IT project] and have had lasting impacts on the mission execution of the [government agency] and across the IC. His actions and “can do” attitude have truly set him apart in a field of top-notch systems engineering and technical talent.

[TENICA employee] has consistently been identified as the “go to” technical expert within the [project] to handle our most demanding challenges. On several occasions, he has led the way to solve IC-level problems by being the lead network engineer or chief architect responsible for developing solutions that provide a common capability across the IC. On one such occasion, he developed and promoted architecture alternatives for creating a single multi-security level environment intended to secure both the network layer and compute environments. The options he developed provided the opportunity to weigh technical capabilities against cost and delivery schedule. This enabled the [project] to conform to CID directives and is expected to save substantial costs by converging two separate IT environments into one.

[TENICA employee]’s foresight has led the development of the [project]’s target architecture for our Networks Domain. He introduced a family of technical capabilities that has been empirically shown to engender significant savings, process improvement, and streamlining operations.

Time after time, I’ve come to expect first-rate performance from [TENICA employee]. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to have someone of his caliber working in the [project]. He is an invaluable member of our team and a great credit to your organization. Please extend my sincere appreciation for the many valuable contributions he has made to the mission of the [government agency].


Director [Government Agency Program]