Exceptional Network Engineering Support

Dear [TENICA President]:

I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the exceptional network engineering support provided to the [government agency] Chief Information Office (CIO), by [TENICA employee] during a critical period of initial infrastructure development for the Intelligence Community [project]

[TENICA employee]’ s efforts … allowed the [project] effort to meet its Initial Operating Capability (IOC) milestone. [He] performed a key engineering role in the design of the [project]. He led the community design for the core network and firewall components to the new IC domain. In addition, he briefed senior technical representatives from [four government agencies] and received approval for the security configurations and security design of the [project] network infrastructure. Further, he supported other agency firewall experts in the necessary configuration changes to complete the controlled network interfaces, which are critical to the success of the new [project]. His expertise in network engineering, along with his professionalism, proved invaluable to the … project.

The CIO was fortunate to have [TENICA employee] as a part of the [project] team. He is a true professional, produces quality work, and always goes above and beyond in his support to the [government agency].


Chief Information Officer