Connectivity Center of Excellence for the Entire Intelligence Community


Please express my sincere appreciation to [TENICA employee] for the tremendous technical support he has provided this past year to the [government project]. [His] vast knowledge and experience in Information Technology systems and communications transport architectures provides a sound foundation for continued future support to [the project] as well as the entire [government agency].

As [the project] gears up to become the connectivity center of excellence for the entire Intelligence Community (IC), it’s reassuring to know we have someone of his caliber to synthesize various mission partner needs into firm, clear requirements. His highly successful efforts to initiate the program planning for the … program are only possible because of his thorough knowledge of the existing IC infrastructures, and solid working relationships with the individuals associated with each Agency responsible for them.

[TENICA employee]’s self-motivation and genuine interest in “the greater good”, interoperability of IC communications infrastructures, and information sharing are second to none, and unparalleled amongst his peers. We greatly appreciate his “jump-in and get it done” attitude and ability to think through projects end to end, fully representing the government’s intentions. Our mission would not be complete without him; he is critical to the future successes of [the project] and provides a value-added point of view to many of our new efforts. Please extend my personal thanks to [him] for his outstanding contributions to our mission.


Director, [Government Project]