Above and Beyond
I would like to recognize the exceptional and professional level of effort that [TENICA employee] has provided to [a government agency IT project]. He has helped [it] successfully accomplish many of its high-visibility goals in a highly professional manner. These efforts not only provide technical solutions but also are expected to save considerable funds in capital and recurring expenses.
[TENICA employee] was the lead engineer for the enhancement and upgrade of the … proof-of-concept lab; a $200K complete redesign. He took the high-level … requirements and created the blueprint for the layout as well as the specifications for all equipment. He created a schedule and deftly executed the redesign by staging the upgrades around three tenants’ current development activities, continuing the mission while minimizing impact. His extensive industry experience allowed him to uncover inconsistent installations and proactively mitigate safety issues that arose.
[TENICA employee] also contributed heavily to our initiative to prove the capability to increase our local area network capacity to Gigabit rates. His support enabled a pilot to be demonstrated on the operational baseline and subsequent successful handoff to the engineering organization. In addition, he helped relocate a critical proof-of-concept test environment to ensure that two ongoing advanced network technology investigations continued according to program objectives.
[TENICA employee]’s engineering expertise and management skills have allowed [the project] to accomplish many technically advanced projects and allowed [government agency] to maintain the technical edge needed in today’s austere fiscal environment. His effort and expertise reflect positively upon your company and his skill and expertise is greatly appreciated by all who work with or know him within the [project].


Director [Government Agency Program]