TENICA & Associates LLC recognizes two team members’ outstanding performance in response to the 17 June tragic collision of ACX Crystal with USS Fitzgerald near Shimoda, Japan
Chantilly, VA – TENICA and Associates LLC is pleased to recognize the outstanding performance of two of our team members, Mr. Akira Cibulka and Mr. Alexander Tucker during the tragic incident on 17 June involving the collision of ACX Crystal with USS Fitzgerald (FTZ) near Shimoda, Japan. The collision caused catastrophic damage to FTZ, resulting in severe degradation to communications, breach of the hull beneath the water line, and flooding within crew compartments and engineering spaces. The severity of the damage was
such that immediate assistance was required to support and recover the vessel, conduct a bilateral SAR operation, and provide life-saving/MEDEVAC response for members of the crew.

Approximately 30 minutes after the collision, Akira Cibulka, a Watch Officer employed by TENICA’s subcontractor, Capstone Corporation, received the initial report. He quickly identified and informed stakeholders, which facilitated effective coordination and decision-making and assisted greatly in the rapid response to the incident. His Japanese language proficiency was instrumental in orchestrating the bilateral rescue operation, involving the deployment of several vessels and supporting aircraft, the exchange of search plans between organizations, and the medical evacuation of crew members.

When Alexander Tucker assumed Watch Officer duties at 0800, he continued to coordinate with responding organizations, assisted the Commander, Naval Forces Japan (CNFJ) Liaison Office in standing up their coordinator, and employed information management and knowledge management to support CNRJ involvement in sustained search and rescue, medical evacuation, and recovery efforts throughout the day.

“I’m pleased to recognize the outstanding performance of Mr. Cibulka and Tucker, their timely actions and expertise provided critical support as these events were unfolding. Both Mr. Cibulka and Mr. Tucker continually demonstrate great value to Team TENICA in support of the Commander, Navy Installations
Command,” said Terry L. Scherling, Maj Gen retired, President and CEO of TENICA.

Based in Chantilly, Virginia, TENICA is a SBA certified 8(a), woman-owned, and service-disabled veteran-owned small business providing government services and consulting services in the areas of crisis prevention and response solutions, information technology, logistics and supply chain management and professional services. TENICA’s role as prime contractor for the Regional Operations Center (ROC) Watchstander contract, of which Mr. Cibulka and Mr. Tucker are a part, provides Watch Officers at Navy ROCs worldwide.