TENICA & Associates LLC is pleased to announce the acquisition of Polar Star Consulting, LLC
TENICA & Associates LLC is pleased to announce the acquisition of Polar Star Consulting, LLC, a leading supplier of innovative information technology (IT) solutions for the intelligence, national defense, and cybersecurity markets. As a wholly owned subsidiary of TENICA, Polar Star will enhance TENICA’s existing IT capabilities and expand TENICA’s support to the Intelligence Community. “Polar Star provides us with increased IT competencies and expands our client base,” said Terry Scherling, founder, sole owner, and CEO of TENICA. “Combining our teams’ expertise provides us unprecedented opportunities.”

Founded in 2008 and based in Alexandria, VA, TENICA is a leading provider of government services and consulting solutions in the areas of national defense, homeland security, and information technology for both government and commercial clients. TENICA was named by Inc. Magazine as #247 on the 2016 list of America’s fastest-growing private companies, as well as #14 in government services and #15 in Virginia. In 2015 TENICA was ranked #255 in America as well as #24 among women-led companies.

TENICA will continue to build upon Polar Star’s breakthrough Enterprise Architecture and Telecommunications solutions for clients that include the NRO, the Intelligence Community, and the DoD. TENICA looks forward to the continuation this spring of Polar Star’s annual Enterprise Innovation Symposium, which promotes cutting-edge solutions and performance within the IC, bringing together leading IT experts, including the Director of COMM and several Office Directors. According to Ms.
Scherling, “This is an exciting time in our company’s journey, one that will propel TENICA forward for years to come.”